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We specialize in helping small businesses from Orlando FL develop and improve their interactions and the way their customers interact with them on the web.


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The difference between the right word and the nearly right word is the same as the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. 

Mark Twain
CEO of American Authors

The Strategy for Your Future

Tactics to Execute that Strategy 

Crafting Quality Web Content

First impressions and relationships matter to your core audience.  Most of the time the first interaction someone will have with you or your company is through the internet.  Therefore how you interact with the web is extremely important. Your interaction must be cutting edge but at the same time the interaction must function properly for both you and the audience. 

We know that price is always a concern and that there are always cheaper alternatives out there. However, web strategy and tactics needs be one of your top priorities.  Most companies that offer web services focus on one aspect or another.  Rockwell Valley does not focus on any one service.  Why?  Because the big picture is more important than any one web service.  Having a website is extremely important.  But is having a website the only thing that matters? Is having a good looking website all that matters? Is having social media the only thing that matters?  Is having email the only thing that matters?  Is where you host the website and where you host the email the only thing that matters?  No.  They all matter.  And how they work together matters. 

Our web services are custom tailored for each client. If you have an idea for your company but don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll take your ideas and make them into your own and make them work. 


  • Sure, a google search for web hosting will result in many companies offering hosting.  But what do you need in terms of hosting?  Is it simply a place to park your website? Or does web hosting mean more?  Yes, of course there is more.  What about speed? What about support? What about using a local company to host your site? 

Call it tactics not strategy but yes he does have a good mind for it. The best mind some would say…

Tyrion Lannister


Email Hosting $6

per month

per user

Web Hosting $30

per month

for most sites

Website Creation $999

one time fee

for basic sites



Alex Couch is a man of many different talents, and that is truly an understatement. He’s been known by some as a cowboy, musician, handyman, entrepreneur, lawyer, political activist, film-maker, producer, christian, and most importantly a father and husband. It is clear that Alex has a purpose in this world, and he shows no signs of stopping. Even at the prime age of 31, Alex has accomplished more than some would ever begin to imagine, all the while being a devoted husband to his wife Nicole for eight years strong.

Alex is the eldest of seven children and has assumed the natural leadership role in many different settings ranging from raising livestock for 4-H as an adolescent to serving as the Orange County Vice President of the Ronald Reagan Republican Assembly of Central Florida in 2008. His political activism is one of the driving factors in his life and even extends outside of his volunteer work with both the Bush and McCain campaigns and his internship with Jon Huntsman. Alex is currently working on a film entitled, “Don’t Look Away” that spreads the awareness of modern day slavery and human trafficking, as he feels this issue is paramount to human rights. Furthermore, his pursuit of higher education has guided him into the experiences that have established him as a man. Through his studies in law, Alex feels as though he can make a difference. He has had the privilege of encountering the world, leading a varied life, and all the while providing for his family.

Above all these accomplishments, Alex cherishes the blessing of being a father and a husband the most. What’s most important to Alex is family. Not film, not web design, and not even politics. Growing up in a large family and an even larger church has given him the privilege of seeing the value of family. Alex has a place in this world and he has a message to send. He makes it his daily chore to leave a mark on this earth and he refuses to give up until he’s successful in doing so.  

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